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100% online course

This course is 100% online and accessible 24/7 from any computer or smartphone. Now you can learn anywhere, at any time.

what you will learn

You will learn detailed step by step instructions on the theory and practicum of cuticle work, shaping nails, E-file removal, application, disinfection, and much more.

after completion

After completing this course, you will become confident in using E-file, know all the secrets of creating a long-lasting manicure, and can potentially increase the price of your nail services.

Thank you, ladies. I had a great time and left the course feeling confident. You ladies are amazing at what you do, and I am so excited to get stuck in it. Thank you so much again.

_KEEYLAAH_ | Successfully completed the course

Training course covers:

- Benefits of using the E-file technique
- Ergonomics
- Health and safety for both Client and technician
- Disinfection and sterilization.

- Anatomy: Nail structure

- Natural Nail illnesses and damages

- Equipment and instruments
- Types of nails and specific working.

- Nail preparation for e-file, e-file technique and scissors, cuticle polish
- 5 steps of gel polish system
- Close to cuticle gel application and right architecture.

- Filing and shaping

- Express designs (stickers, foils)
- E- file gel polish removal (fast & safe)
- Instagram and photos of work.

What Sets Us Apart

We are The Nail Story Academy team created this course based on our personal research and years of experience. From home based nail room we created a nail salon in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. This is a new journey for you even if you are already a nail tech or just starting. We did our best to put here all information that you need for the whole journey of education. We promise, this is the fullest course that can exist. OUR GOAL - make nail industry safe and aesthetically beautiful. Manicure its not only about coloring the nails, it's about satisfaction and confidence.

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Sign up for E-file Manicure + close to cuticle Gel Application course and start your learning journey today. Price is discounted from $349 originally down to $149.

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