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  • 1:1 One-Day Advanced E-file Pedicure Course
  • 1:1 One-Day Advanced E-file Pedicure Course
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1:1 One-Day Advanced E-file Pedicure Course

$2,000.00 Regular Price
$1,300.00Sale Price

Ready to earn more than $100 per hour? That's how much you can charge your clients after completing our advanced E-file pedicure course. This one-day course covers:

  • Benefits of using E-file techniques in pedicures

  • Ergonomics

  • Health and safety for clients and technicians

  • Disinfection and sterilization

  • Anatomy: nail structure

  • Toenail illnesses and damages, skin issues (warts, calluses, foot corns)

  • Equipment and instruments

  • Types of nails and specialized techniques

  • Toe filing and shaping

  • Toenail preparation for E-file, E-file techniques and scissors, cuticle polish

  • Toe gel application

  • Smart pedicure or pododisks for heels and their usage

  • E-file gel polish removal (fast & safe)


Scheduling Your Course:

After purchasing this course, please contact us to schedule the day for your course at our salon.

Contact Information:


  • Phone: 022-026-6740
  • Email:


We're here to assist you in setting up your course date and answering any questions you may have.

Thank you for choosing The Nail Story NZ for your beauty education!


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